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La Vida Local: Phono Pony – Death By Blowfish

By Max Hill Phono Pony – Death By Blowfish Independent VANCOUVER – Featuring prickly vocals reminiscent of Mother Mother’s Ryan…


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The Orange Kyte Are Flying High in the Kaleidoscope Sky

Thursday 19th, October 2017 / 17:51
by Mat Wilkins

Photo by Analissa Longoria

VANCOUVER – The Orange Kyte’s debut album Grow It Right, released last month, is a beautifully written slice of psychedelia— sure to be a soothing Autumn companion during the painful transition from summer heat to winter sleet.

The project began as the brainchild of Stevie Moonboots, a Dublin native who immigrated to Vancouver years ago for a simple change in scenery. After initially trying his luck with various bands around the city, eventually the idea of a solo recording project appealed most to Moonboots. “It began out of a frustration from being in regular bands… Things seem to take an eternity to come to fruition.” Thus, was born The Orange Kyte which, a little ironically, lasted as a solo project for a very brief period before ending up as a collaborative recording project, assembled with the aid of various studios and technicians around the city.

Grow It Right began as an attempt to release a new single every month for the year of 2016, and was recorded about as quickly as it was written. Moonboots even recalls instances where singles were being mixed and mastered the day they were due to be released. “Some people record things and never show anybody; I kind of uploaded it to the Internet and sent it to blogs… Even though I thought in the back of my mind ‘This kind of sucks.’”

Proof that an artist is their own worst critic, the album is a masterfully executed sonic journey evocative of psychedelic greats like The Chocolate Watchband, Love, and The Zombies. As the record progressed and solidified, so too did the techniques used to create it. What’s more, the band’s current lineup was also slowly beginning to form during the recording process.

What results is a chronologically organized album (remember the songs were written for each month of the year) in which a subtle sonic arc can be heard as the band’s sound and process evolves from the opening track “Morning Pages” (recorded using the natural reverb from the stairwell in Moonboot’s apartment) to the last song “Fizzy Orange”, which features all members currently playing in The Orange Kyte.

With an incredible, unique, and promising album already under their belts, The Orange Kyte shows no signs of slowing down in their wild trip towards psychedelic superstardom.

The Orange Kyte plays The Cobalt on October 25

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