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The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

By Cole Young The five hour interview/feast of tapas started with an interpretive dance to Enya, ended with a drunken…


Oddity Kombucha Keeps it Simple with Style 

Friday 20th, October 2017 / 09:00

By Alan Ranta

Photo by Connor McCracken

VANCOUVER – If you have chronic digestive issues or merely like to promote intestinal health, kombucha is one of the few grogs that truly satisfies your gut worm. Indeed, it has become so ubiquitous that it’s almost overwhelming to get into, but Oddity Kombucha is here to simplify things.

From her roots as a co-founder at Faculty Brewing, owner Alicia Medina has been brewing kombucha since 2015. At this point, she only does three standard flavors and a rotating seasonal to feature the freshest ingredients, but that is plenty. Her regulars are jasmine, elderberry, and ginger, and the seasonal at the time of this writing was peach and thyme. Each of them delivers an invigorating, sophisticated yet playful taste, none too sweet or too savory, too crisp or too subtle. Oddity is Zen in a cup.

Many of the brands you find in grocery stores, mass produced to sit around on shelves, end up being skunky and slimy by the time you get them, but that is not a problem with this stuff. Oddity’s flavours are a symphony of essence in balance, brewed in batches small enough that you won’t likely see them in gas stations any time soon. This is only available in glasses and growlers on tap at a handful of the hippest hangouts around the city, and directly from their own establishment across from Faculty.

The Oddity Kombucha Tap Room & Café has only been open since mid-July, yet it has already been named Best Alcohol-Free Bar and Tasting Room by the Georgia Straight. Granted, there isn’t a lot of competition, if any, but that’s why this is something special. It’s a dedicated space for aficionados, with tasty snacks and salads to complete your visit, and it’s growing. Medina credits a supportive, collaborative fermentation scene, where most of the brewers you may find August Market get together once a month to share stories and experience. 

The idea of community and supporting local is at the core of Oddity’s values. That’s why their space in centrally located in Vancouver, near the Olympic Village, and their product only available around the city proper, sourcing as many ingredients from local suppliers as possible. For example, the peach and thyme for their seasonal was supplied from Fresh Roots, an educational and community garden initiative that also gives back.

For a wide selection of sampler sizes and growler fills to suit any occasion, and make your insides and outsides more beautiful, hit up the Oddity Kombucha Tap Room & Café.

Oddity Kombucha Tap Room & Café is located at 1863 Ontario Street.

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