Let It Be: Magical Mystery Tour Tribute Never Runs Out Of Gas

Thursday 02nd, November 2017 / 17:21
by Jennie Orton

VANCOUVER – Despite the existence of a few teenagers who live to cause aneurysms in the brains of lifelong fans by claiming to not know who they are (“who is that old guy singing with Kanye?”), the Beatles have been resonating like the reverb laden piano note at the end of “A Day in the Life” since 1960. Their large and beloved catalogue lends itself well to spanning musical celebrations and Let it Be is one of these.

The tribute show takes the audience through the story of the Beatles time as a band, using the prolific discography that itself is full of theatrics and stories. Recently, the show’s producers have decided to offer a second act that is ripped directly from the diaries of all Beatlemaniacs.

Act two features a hypothetical reunion show where the latter year Beatles get together to play a set of hits from their mutual solo careers. A night of watching four of the most legendary rock musicians play each other’s classics is an idea undeniably delectable to all of us who were robbed of it by George Harrison’s cancer and the trigger finger of Mark David Chapman.

Musical Director Daniel Weiss has toured the show all over the world and credits the quality of the music itself with allowing the Fab Four to continue to fill seats and playlists.

“I think it’s just some of the best pop music songwriting that has ever been created. It’s very quirky and creative and it’s got sounds that make it never seem dated,” Weiss says.“I saw a 10-year-old boy in the front row a few nights ago mouthing the words and singing along to all the songs. He seemed to know the whole catalogue.”

I guess there’s hope yet.

Let it Be takes place at Queen Elizabeth Theatre on November 8.

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