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The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

By Cole Young The five hour interview/feast of tapas started with an interpretive dance to Enya, ended with a drunken…


Calgary’s first Paracon aims to open minds about the supernatural and questions of existence 

Monday 06th, November 2017 / 17:56
By Ali Hardstaff 

Vijay Persaud, founder of Canadian Supernatural Investigations, a real-life Calgary “ghost buster”.

CALGARY – What do Jim Carrey and Ghostbusters have in common?

Everyone who has a social media account or owns a television has most likely seen, or at least heard about the iconic Jim Carrey interview from the New York Fashion Week awards this past summer, where he stunned the interviewer with a bit of a ramble of how we are a field of energy, we don’t exist, and nothing matters.  

Was it incoherent babbling, or was he making some plausible points? 

Vijay Persaud, founder of Canadian Supernatural Investigations (a real-life Calgary “ghost buster,” to provide a better mental picture), agrees with Carrey in that life as it is seen now is only a blink in our existence. There is no way that this current life is the only life that each individual gets to live. So is any of it really that important? 

“I’m not saying he’s not crazy… but at the same time, I think I kind of get what he was doing,” says Persaud. “Because this is a life that we live, this is one part, this is one thing. So how much of what we do really matters? It would matter mentally if this were it. But it’s clearly not.”  

To try and reach out to the public and break the stigma about the supernatural, the afterlife, ghost hunts, and so much more, the first Paracon is coming to Calgary this November at the Globe Cinema. Numerous industry professionals, including Persaud, will be speaking and educating at the event about everything from paranormal work, mediumship, cleansing homes, and balancing energies. What Persaud mainly hopes the audience gets from the event, is there is no reason to feel judgement about experiences they may be having, and for some mind opening.  

“With Paracon specifically and what CSI wants to do as well, is getting people out there to see and break that stigma and not think it’s a weird thing,” says Persaud. “Opening your mind up to a different world will then open your mind to so many more things and opportunities in one persons life.” 

Persaud is no stranger to supernatural occurrences. Besides being a part of supernatural investigative groups for over a decade, seeing shadow people in Inglewood among other incidents, he’s been having reoccurring demonic attack dreams since the young age of five. Those dreams, along with the fact that a medium told him without any previous knowledge about those dreams, that they are not actually dreams – it is happening on another plane of existence, and the demons are targeting him because they don’t like him. Why not? Because Persaud won’t run from them.  

“It’s resonated for with me for the rest of my life since … that solidified my need to be doing this,” he explains. “Helping people find peace in their lives. The more exposure we can get the bigger amount of people we can reach and ultimately and most importantly the more people we can help.” 

Though the event is taking place right around Halloween, does not mean there are more supernatural occurrences happening around the time. People can be theatrical about it, which adds to more willingness during this time of the year, in Persaud’s opinion. In vulnerable times such as Christmas, occurrences seem to happen more often. People can feel darker because of loved ones that are no longer here, or more stressed because of bad economic times.  

“When people get to that depressive, unhappy, unfortunate state, it leaves them open to more negative, deeper things entering their lives. Because of that, they allow darker things to enter, and when that happens, it can start a cycle that can get quite dangerous.” 

Everyone has the means to decide themselves if everyone is part of their own Truman Show, where nothing matters, or if Jim Carrey did actually escape the dome and has discovered the truth of existence.  


Calgary Paracon is from Nov. 3 to 5, and CSI is available to anyone with questions, or in need of finding peace.