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CLUBLAND – November 2017

Tuesday 07th, November 2017 / 14:06
By Alan Ranta

VANCOUVER – There’s a bubble tea store on Commercial Drive that has “fuck rain” written in huge letters on their wall. If you don’t like rain, you are living in the wrong city. Go to any of these shows and you’re gonna get wet or get sweaty, likely both. Do it. It’s good for the skin, and keeps Vancouver green. Why else are you living here?


Nov. 17 @ Fortune
The time to buy into San Francisco producer Charlie Yin is now. He’s been slaying outlets like the Boiler Room and Low End Theory with his bedroom dream-pop-tinged future R&B stylings. His latest album, Too Real, saw him sign to Ninja Tune sub-label Counter Records, and feels like the one to blow his name up. Follow your doctor’s order; get lots of Giraffage.

Desert Dwellers

Nov. 18 @ Imperial
Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe hail from the arid regions of New Mexico and California, but their trippy, cerebral psy-dub sound is every bit as worldly as Shpongle, with whom they have toured extensively. If you’ve never been to Shambhala before, you can open a direct channel to the Grove stage here.

Hilltop Hoods

Nov. 18 @ Vogue
When you think about the modern giants of hip-hop, you probably don’t think Adelaide, South Australia. Yet, that’s where the Hilltop Hoods started their skyward climb. This outfit has had five number of their albums go number one in Australia since 2006. They got skills.

Princess Nokia

Nov. 23 @ Celebrities
The hip-hop stage name of Destiny Frasqueri, Princess Nokia has been practically unavoidable in music circles over the past few months, and with good cause. Her hard-hitting flows are so frank, funny, and female-positive they could blow the dick off Gucci Mane.

Bleep Bloop

Dec. 01 @ Celebrities
His name is Bleep Bloop. Say it aloud: Bleep Bloop. That’s all you need to know you’re going to buy a ticket. The fact that this DJ Shadow protégé produces a dank ass bass blitzkrieg onstage is just icing on the cake.

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