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Festerval 2017 Debuts a Punk Rock Onslaught to Vancouver

Tuesday 07th, November 2017 / 14:47
By Heath Fenton

VANCOUVER – Festerval is a new local music festival that will invade three Vancouver venues for three nights. Festerval creator Jason Puder is a well known promoter in town and is also responsible for the insanely incredible Modified Ghost Festival that has become an annual event in this town. For years Puder has done a great deal to make Vancouver a hot ticket for extreme music and Festerval 2017 is the latest feather in his cap.

“Festerval will be an annual event,” Puder states. “I’m expecting three awesome nights for anyone who decides to attend. If a loud hybrid of rock, garage, punk, psych, stoner, and riff-filled tunes from absolutely incredible live performers is something you’ll enjoy, don’t miss it!”

Tickets can be purchased for shows individually or you can also pick up a pass for the whole shebang. I consider myself an aficionado of all music extreme, so without further ado let me lay down six of the sickest bands playing at the inaugural Festerval.

War Baby
November 9, the Cobalt

Vancouver locals War Baby combine a bunch of great musical elements. They are hard hitting with a huge grunge influence. Their stuff can get speedy and most often is drenched in soulful noise. As three-piece bands go, some find it hard to pack a punch, but not these cats. War Baby will turn you black and blue and make you forget who you came for. Ice on the wounds never felt so good.

the Dwarves
November 10, Rickshaw Theatre

This is an obvious choice, as the Dwarves have carved their way into legends. Their live show is one to truly behold. They bring a full on beer swilling raunchiness with unmatched punk rock attitude and swagger. They run the gauntlet on what a punk rock band can bring to the table. Dirty rock, breakneck hardcore and nail bashing riffage. Ripe with band member changes and controversy, they are truly a sight for sore ears and will make your eyes bleed. And I mean this in a good way. This is probably the tightest line up the Dwarves have put together to date. If you attend this show, make sure you book a hospital bed for the next day. It also might help to have emergency services on speed dial.

Dead Kennedys

November 10, the Cobalt
November 11, Vogue Theatre

Well punk rock doesn’t come without controversy. With the name, the legend, and the politics, the Dead Kennedys are probably one of the most notorious bands in the history of music. The controversy they live with today is quite different though. The band continues on despite not having main man, voice, and pioneer Jello Biafra on board. This is mostly taken as blasphemy for fans. However, it’s no different than any of the other bands that have done this. Be it Black Flag, the Bad Brains, the Misfits or Black Sabbath. There are countless others, this is old news. The Dead Kennedys are iconic, and live on through time. Iconic bands remain staples and pick up new fans along the way. These guys are touring a legacy and that must not be ignored. So don’t miss your chance because these punkers are getting old and you may miss out and find regret.

Deap Vally
November 11, Vogue Theatre

Deap Vally are a duo of stoner liciousness. Fat buzz saw riffs and amazing soaring vocals that bite down nasty. These two gals don’t really care how you feel, and remain as an explosive force in the male dominated land of blues based riff rock. Relatively new, and more known overseas than on this side of the pond, Deap Vally continue to plod away making believers out of unsuspecting concert goers. Imagine yourself buried in thick mud, then an angel comes from above and swoops down to save you. Then that angel beats you hard with a tree trunk. This is kind of what Deap Vally is like.

Fu Manchu
November 11, Vogue Theatre

Fu Manchu are like the younger punk brothers of the legendary Palm Desert stoner rock scene. These guys have managed to outlive most of their counterparts from that era and it is no surprise as they tour hard and keep releasing albums at an amazing pace. Like most younger brothers, they are scrappy and not to be taken lightly. Fu Manchu place well within the hearts punk rockers, stoners, and given ‘er rock heros. The come at you hard but from a good place filled with skateboards, surf dudes, fat spliffs and souped up boogie vans. They grace the stage with huge smiles and ferocious energy. It is a pleasant contrast that will get your booty on point.

November 11, Vogue Theatre

Truckfighters are a brilliant band from Sweden. They are an odd crop that come from a land mostly known for melodic death metal and Abba. Truckfighters do not fit with this mold at all. The fuzz is large and their riffs are capable of sinking ocean liners. There is an amazing stoner rock scene going on in Sweden that often gets buried. Truckfighters are at the forefront of this scene and have been for 15 years. The perseverance displayed by the bands in this scene is fierce and it has been a long fight for these bands to bring the rest of the world to the light. It finally is starting to happen. Truckfighters tour relentlessly and have spurned out tasty albums over the years. These guys could play an open air concert in the deep arctic and you wouldn’t even need a blanket because their music is so warm. So snuggle up for this one. Just don’t get too comfy, because these guys will blast you in the face.


Night One at the Cobalt (19+)
Meatbodies, Dead Ghosts, War Baby, and the Jins.

Night Two at the Rickshaw Theatre (19+)
Dead Kennedys, the Dwarves, Diarrhea Planet, Dirty Fences, Fashionism, Sore Points and the Shrine.

Night Three at the Vogue Theatre (All Ages)
Dead Kennedys, Fu Manchu, Truckfighters, Deap Vally, Earthless, Black Wizard, Mothership.

Festerval runs from November 9 to the 11th.

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