Podcast Corner (YVR) Has Some Comedy Podcast For When You’re Tired of Music

Tuesday 07th, November 2017 / 09:00
By Graeme Wiggins

VANCOUVER – Whether you have a long commute, some time to run on the treadmill or chores to do around the house, podcasts are a good way to fill those moments with some comedy. Here are a few made locally that are worth checking out.

Retail Nightmares w/ Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle

Everyone’s had one, comedians, musicians and artists have usually had a bunch: a terrible job. Charming hosts Tobin and Delisle mine from their own vast experiences with them as well as those of a myriad of guests in what ends up being a very relatable listen. The tone is light and Tobin’s laugh is infectious. You can’t lose with a segment called “Puppo of the week” which details the cutest dogs they’ve come across since last recording.

Well Reds w/ Charles Demers and Derrick O’Keefe

When you think comedy, like most people you think leftist book club, right? Me too. Seriously though, these two manage to pull it off. Each episode covers one book chosen ahead of time so that listener can follow along featuring an array of leftist topics, such as climate change, inequality, Black Lives Matter and a notable episode featuring Ryan McMahon providing a counterpoint to all of the Canada 150 pageantry. When they’re on their game there’s usually one long form and one short form (often graphic novel) each month. It’s probably worth it just to hear Demers’ Slavoj Žižek impression.

Sea Hags w/ Katie Nordgren and Chris Rzepa

This podcast, billed as “the audio adventures of pacific coast cronies” is like late night hangouts with good friends when you have a little too much wine in your system. These two self-described “brassy women” are smart, funny and share an enjoyable camaraderie. They bring in guests to talk about a topic, ranging from silly to serious, but never let it dictate where the conversation goes. It’s a free-ranging chat that can be both goofy and insightful.

Pass It To Bulis w/ Daniel Wegner

Sure it’s not really a comedy podcast, but a hockey one, but as the Canucks season goes on I imagine it will only get funnier. Pass it To Bulis started as an irreverent blog known for hilarious, yet well-informed and thought out Canucks takes, the podcast continues the tradition. Wagner talks to Canucks insiders and media folk mostly so far, and if recent episode featuring Harrison Mooney is any indication the comedy will start to show itself as he gets a little more comfortable with the medium.

What’s Wrong w/ Simon King

What’s wrong w/ Simon King is a natural progression from Simon King’s comedy, as in he gives good rant. There’s no end to things that bring “part-time misanthrope” King’s ire to the fore. He rants about politics, social issue, motel design… pretty much anything. The podcast is half-travelogue, half audio blog. It’s not just funny, he can get serious and there are some moving moments here, like the episode where he talks about his 40th birthday. There’s definitely a certain element of its appeal to argue with it in your head.

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