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Hardcore for Humanity: Life Giving Meals Funded by Hardcore 

Friday 10th, November 2017 / 12:00


By Brittany Rudyck 

Hardcore bands rally together to feed inner city residents.

EDMONTON – The connection between hardcore music and the Hare Krishna tradition can be traced back to ‘80s to bands like Youth of Today, Shelter, and of course, Cro-Mags. The tradition, once hailed by bands like the Beatles, caught the eye of those in heavy scenes around the New York area seeking a lifestyle free of intoxicants, animal products or liberal sexual lifestyles. Known by many as “krishnacore,” the fad appeared to peter out by the early ‘90s, at least in mainstream recognition.  

Fast forward to 2017 in Edmonton, where Mattie Cuvilier, who has been a motivating force in the Edmonton hardcore scene for years, has been hosting Hardcore for Humanity since 2010 with hopes of raising money and helping the less fortunate.  

“We’ve worked with a number of different charities; it changes year to year,” explains Cuvilier. “The last two years we’ve been working with Food for Life. With this organization, it all goes to the food and can have a bigger impact. You can see it all at work. It’s an open book.” 

Guitarist/vocalist for Cruciferous, Johnny Jagajivan has a long and fascinating relationship with punk rock and the Hare Krishna movement, one that perhaps could be its own article.

Jagajivan has been with Food for Life since its Edmonton inception in 2014. The international non-profit food relief organization now serves meals once a month at Boyle Street Community Centre. 

“Food for Life itself is interesting with its history and ties to ‘80s hardcore,” explains Jagajivan. “I’ve been to all of the Hardcore for Humanity shows and played – I think – the second one.

We’re feeding 150 people with three hundred dollars and it’s a serious meal: rice, a dish called choley (also known as chana masala) which is chick peas and tomato sauce with Indian seasoning, a samosa, a salad and an Indian dessert with sugar, cinnamon and raisins.” 

Hardcore for Humanity serves this meal before the live music aspect of the event to be transparent and also to share the sense of community it hopes to foster. Adding the hardcore bands to the event is also part of Cuvilier’s dream of bringing the Edmonton local hardcore scene back to life. 

“This upcoming event has one of the most hardcore line-ups we’ve done in awhile,” he says.

“I wanted it to be about the charity but also about hardcore. Devoting energy to the scene in Edmonton and giving it space.”  


Enjoy a vegan meal with your family November 17 at the Sewing Machine Factory (Edmonton) at 7 p.m. The all-ages meal is a suggested $10 donation; all proceeds go to Food for Life. The show is 18+ and features performances by Feeding, Suffer Me, Cruciferous, and Underbite.

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