Femme Wave: Saskatchewan Takeover

Monday 13th, November 2017 / 14:08


By Michael Grondin 

Femme Wave is pleased to announce these multi-faceted, multi-dimensional musical women and femmes of Saskatchewan. From praire-surfin’ jams, to introspective meditation and shredding punk-rock, these nine projects are going to rip up Calgary’s stages and take us on an uncharted tour of their landlocked, musical worlds.  

Chunder Buffet 


Chunder Buffet is oozing and filthy post-punk madness that intoxicates you with technicolour swamp gas, leaving you restless for more of its impatient, brain rattling insanity. Sharp vocals slice through the fuzzy muck, leaving a wake of dank melodies and instantaneous anthems of super charged wretchedness.  



respectfulchild eases you into a hallucinatory search for meaning through a meandering web of vibrant notes that collide, multiply and disappear into unknown spaces. Saskatoon’s Melissa Gan takes us on a celestial journey using little else but a violin put through a loop pedal, complimented by their haunting, breathy vocals. 



TOAM stray into uncharted jurisdictions of sound, juxtaposing shadows with colour, and dark undertones with vibrant melody. Marrying bouncy synths, spectral guitar and glassy vocals with sensually-driven anecdotes of their native Saskatoon, TOAM have found a forma for washing over you with their ghostly sound while maintaining grounded in their clean, poppy instrumentation. 

The Definitelays 


The Definitelays are a landlocked, prairie-surfin’ trio that paddle out to the lowest of lo-fi tides with a chill in the sand forever kind of vibe. Dreamy dueling vocals are caught in a calming rip tide of 60s-esque indie guitar jams that wash over you with “chill out, let’s party.” 



Ursa explores consciousness as though it is something you can reach out and touch. Their minimal experimentations of drone and ambiance are as immersive as they are elusive; a fleeting body-high you can’t put into words. Ursa does not hesitate to drown you out with layers of synth and found recordings, yet they grip you with their meditative explorations of sound. 

The Babyfats 


The Babyfats are a face-melting punk-rock four piece that channel as much quirky rage as they do flowery riot grrl anthems. Ulumni of Saksatoon’s Girls Rock Camp, The Babyfats dive deep into one-punch-knockout beach-party jams that are sure to tear the Legion #1 stage to steaming smithereens.  

Natural Sympathies

Regina’s Natural Sympathies is an intergalactic melange of electronic elements framed through an organic perspective. Bombastic synths swirl around Amber Goodwyn’s pointed and oddly anecdotal vocals, making the coolest soundtrack for a celestial road trip through time and space. This multi-talented solo act will surely take you to new dimensions and back again. 


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