The Dangers of Online Dating Comedic Web Series About Online Dating Plays It Safe (Sex, That Is)

Thursday 16th, November 2017 / 17:45
By Graeme Wiggins

VANCOUVER – Online dating is de riguer at this point. And while the concept has been mined for comedy in stand up shows (local favourite, Tinder Tales for example) and the occasional sitcom episode, few have really taken a deep dive into the lifestyle and really given it an extended look. A new web series from filmmaker Brianne Nord-Stewart called The Dangers Of Online Dating aims to give it that look.

The dark comedy follows the life a 24-year-old sexual health nurse (Paula Burrows) as she tries to get back in to the dating pool after a long break, navigating the online dating waters. The idea was developed from her own experiences, something she was initially reluctant to do.

“As you can imagine, I was online dating for a couple of years, on and off. I was using Plenty of Fish and all these things and a friend was like, ‘You need to write a show about this.’ And I was like, that’s stupid, I’m not writing about my life. Then I went on a date where a large tattoo was revealed to me and I was like, this is not real life, this is a show.”

The added complication of the main character being a sexual health nurse also comes from close to home. “My sister is a nurse and works in women’s sexual health, so safe sex is engrained in my mind, and awkward conversations about sex and sexuality,” she explains. “I thought it was a good conflict for somebody going out online dating and trying to get laid and being worried about the consequences.”
Given the sexual nature of the show, it seems delightfully appropriate that the launch party (featuring a screening) will be at the Penthouse Nightclub. As she adds, “I’m excited to set up our style and brand of comedic safe sex practices in an entertainment club. We’ll see what happens!”

The Dangers of Online Dating launch party is on November 23 at the Penthouse Nightclub.