Mike Thorn: Darkest Hours

Thursday 16th, November 2017 / 18:01
By Liam Prost 

Calgary author publishes debut horror compilation 

CALGARY – Halloween may be behind us, but the horror never stops, especially for Calgary artist, filmmaker and writer Mike Thorn, who just finished up his MA in English at the University of Calgary, writing his thesis on the relationship between horror and epistemology and is about to publish out his first book, a collection of 16 stories, nine of which have seen publication in various horror and genre outlets over the past couple years.  

The collection opens with Hair, a creepy piece of body horror that deals with the ramifications of pent up desires, filtered through the lens of paranoia, and playing with various elements of urban mythology, in a story about a metal and heavy music retail outlet manager, whose developing hair fixation gets him into trouble. 

“When I was a kid I had a propensity for dark things,” says Thorn, “I fully came into understanding my love of horror when I was thirteen years old and read Pet Cemetery [Stephen King] for the first time.” Thorn was suspended from school, and instead of reading the school material he was supposed to, he found himself engrossed in King’s quintessential morbidity.  

Now, Thorn finds himself with a voracious cultural appetite, reading, listening and watching enormous amounts of content, and even reviewing and editing for peers. He’s experimented with everything from science fiction to poetry, but horror seems to be his calling. “I’m always trying to work on something new, trying to get better” 

He’s also extremely prolfic. With Darkesst Hours about to hit shelves, Thorn’s currently got a novel under his belt that he’s looking to publish, and is already throwing around ideas for a second one.  

Darkest Hours is out on November 21 on eBook and paperback via Unnerving Magazine. 

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