Zeko Deshoda: Rapper Ready to Burn Bright

Friday 17th, November 2017 / 14:06

CALGARY – Zeko Deshoda, an emerging rap artist with jazz infusions, is keen to push the reset button on Calgary’s hip-hop scene. A self-taught producer, writer, bassist and cunning lyricist who recently released a solo fourteen-track album “Sleep Well, Sweet Dreams” will soon put out coming a new single, entitled “Crackdown”, accompanied with some stunning visuals.

“The purpose of Crackdown,” says Deshoda, “is to show people that if you want a spot in this scene, you have to prove it.”

When Deshoda read an online story posted on a well-respected music site about the gloomy forecast on Calgary’s rap scene, he felt that his music endeavours were “slept on”.

Performing regularly with an air-tight, six-piece jazz band called The Haven Vanguard, he’s hosted sold out shows at Broken City and Café Kawa and has full confidence in his ability to light up the stage.

“It’s weird that everyone thinks they have to go through someone to get something,” says a defiant Deshoda, not afraid to say what he believes.

“Grow a fucking spine, and go get it yourself.” He adds, “Without friction, you can’t create fire. If someone is going to make a spark, it might as well be me.”

Catch Zeko Deshoda & the Haven Vanguard live at Escape Art’s Immerse on November 17th at Festival Hall.

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