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Van Vogue Jam Shares Vogue Culture in Safe and Inclusive Space

Van Vogue Jam Shares Vogue Culture in Safe and Inclusive Space

by Yasmine Shemesh VANCOUVER – Vogue: a dance form, illustrated by fierce stares, whirling limbs, and fabulous costumes, that emerged…


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Brother and Sister Duo Angus and Julia Stone
 Embrace the Snow

Monday 20th, November 2017 / 07:20
By Adam Deane

Photo by Jennifer Stengleint

VANCOUVER – We’ve all been there – you’re fixed on annoying the absolute heck out of your sibling in the back of your mom’s Subaru wagon, kicking their seat at every stop light – until, the faint crackling of Lionel Richie’s sultry vocals saturate the speakers and everything goes quiet. For a second, you wonder if you’ll be the only one silently singing along, until you hear the slight resonance of your sister humming over Diana Ross. “And I, I want to share all my love with you. No one else WILL DOOO…” You’re both belting out every lyric at this point – mum watching in amazement – or something to the effect. As the saxophone leads you out, you turn to each other and realize you’re both meant to become an ARIA award winning duo. And that is not the story of how Angus and Julia Stone came to fame. But, it was, in my head, before I caught up with Julia while on the Zurich leg of her tour in support of their new album “Snow.”

She confirmed, Angus is indeed her brother, and contrary to the relationship you may have with your sibling, or lack thereof, they work beautifully together. I guess, you’d have to figure out a way after 10 years of writing and touring.

“The reality is, it had been hard when we started. It was hard for us to communicate without getting frustrated or defensive. Every family has a backstory, but we had something in common. It was that common interest (music) that kept us together. We wanted to keep playing, so we had to figure out a way to get past whatever our issues were. Now, we’ve reached a place where we know more about each other than anyone else in the world. We’re all the same, we all want love, we all want mum and dad to be proud.”

Both Julia and her brother have taken their respective time apart to work on personal projects; Julia having released two of her own solo-albums, the latter of which (By the Horns) ranked 11th on the Australian charts upon it’s release. Their newest album “Snow” was produced on Angus’ farm in Australia. 
“We spent months of the year hanging out there and writing music which was pretty fucking awesome. We had a girlfriend of ours’ who would come and teach us yoga during the day, and we’d cook, and we’d make music, and we’d watch movies.”

With a familiar, soothing sound and songs about kids in love, the fucked-up world we live in, and the perils of relationships in their shitty and magical stages – you really can’t go wrong with “Snow.” It’s one of those records you throw on while driving toward mountains in the Fall, after a long day slinging coffee and pastries, or following a rainfall on your best friend’s porch with a dog in your lap. Whatever, just listen to it.

Angus and Julia Stone perform at the Vogue Theatre on November 28.


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