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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Cut Losses – “Growing Old”

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Cut Losses – “Growing Old”

By Carlos Oen VANCOUVER – Two years after the release of “Spending Time On My Own” the Cut Losses have…


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La Vida Local – Kafirun – Eschaton

Tuesday 21st, November 2017 / 10:22
By Ana Krunic

Séance Records

The word “eschaton” describes what will be when God ceases to reign over humanity, the chaotic earth before the end of the world. Kafirun captures that sound in swirling madness on their first full-length. “Omega Serpent” gets the album kicking with flurried, depressive riffs, while “Divine Providence” follows quite naturally with a more morose pace. The last half of the album is really the sweet spot, fast but hypnotic all the same. The deeper, chanted vocal segments suit the music perfectly and really add to the miasma of the album. However, the wailed vocals are a bit distracting as they are supposed to convey pain and suffering, but fall a bit flat here and just seem a bit too silly to have the desired effect. Ultimately, the vocals don’t detract from the album enough to take away from the fact that this is solid black metal. Kafirun’s next offering is already eagerly awaited.

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