La Vida Local: Puritans – Autonomy

Tuesday 21st, November 2017 / 10:28
By Sam Hawkins

Fundamental Illness

VANCOUVER – In less than a year, post-punk three-piece Puritans are back with their second EP, Autonomy. Featuring four tight tracks that pack punch and polish, Puritans have clearly uncovered satisfying synergy.

Opening with an absolute earworm, “Perimeter” starts strong with a steady cross-stick drumming and an atmospheric guitar line. Unlike on their previous release, Swerving Lines, frontman Cameron Davenport tiptoes his way onto the track, revealing a dynamic vocal delivery. It doesn’t last long, but his soft singing adds weight to the ungodly growl he unleashes later in the song.

Bringing it home on “Weaker Weapon,” Puritans roll right over our eardrums with fuzzy guitar effects and a bruising beat. Before losing his voice completely, Davenport eases into another gentle croon, capping off the EP in the same way it started.

Full of heavy hooks and awesome instrumentation, Autonomy is everything one could want from a sophomore record. Considering the strides they’ve made in just under a year, here’s hoping Puritans can make use of their momentum.