Leisure Club Will Take You On An Indie-Pop Vacation

Monday 27th, November 2017 / 07:00
By Adesuwa Okoyomon

Vancouver indie-pop five-piece bring blissed out beach vibes on their debut album. Photo by Andrew Knapp

VANCOUVER – Vancouver based five-piece, Leisure Club, make waves on their self-titled debut album. Graham Madden (guitar), Jamie Smail (vocals), Daniel Ruiz (drums), Rob Cameron (bass), and Sean Bayntun (keys) hold nothing back and with each song, they masterfully deliver a laid-back beachy indie vibe that makes you feel like you’re on an exotic island, drinking Bahama Mamas, and living it up.

Leisure Club was a long time coming. The band started recording the album last September at The Noise Floor Studios. “It’s been a long process. We spent five days on Gabriola Island. We were sleeping in the studio, and we had so much fun,” Madden says. “We also worked with Shawn Cole at Fader Master Studios and we did a bunch of overdubs and vocals there. So it’s been a long process but we’re really excited to finally be able to share it with everybody.”

While the band has perfected larger-than-life beach vibes and have crafted a selection indie-pop songs coursing with an infectious disco groove, there are still moments of palpable emotion and social commentary on their debut album. “Still Young” echoes the excitement of wanting to experience all that youth has to offer when it seems like time is moving too fast. “TV Shows” is about “watching a television show or a movie, seeing the relationships the characters have, and yearning for something similar to it even if it’s not realistic,” Madden says. On “Entertainment,” Smail sings about how “politics, celebrity status, and the entertainment realm affect our everyday lives.”

With earnest lyrics, jangly guitars, Smail’s incredible vocal range, surging keys, and big choruses that grab you and keep you dancing until the end, Leisure Club revel in pushing the envelope of indie-pop.

Leisure Club play Fernando’s Pub in Kelowna on November 30.

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