The Gear Seabastian: From High School Talent Shows to Debut Album 

Tuesday 28th, November 2017 / 17:08
By Brittany Rudyck 

Brotherly duo follow their passion on first full length
Photo by Emily Wilson

EDMONTON – It’s hard to imagine anything really coming out of Fawcett, Alberta, but the brothers in indie folk band The Gear Seabastian have proven us wrong with their surprisingly lengthy musical career. Playing Buddy Holly songs in high school talent shows was the beginning of a musical relationship for Greg and Andrew Tkach, who released their debut album Paint on Dec. 1. BeatRoute wanted to know about the new album of course, but also about their Barenaked Ladies-esque sound, so we got Greg on the horn for a chat.  

BR: Tell us about the new album.  

GT: Paint is our first full length album. It’s really an exposé on our lives. We all start as a blank canvas and as we go through life, we add to that canvas with different colours, experiences and eventually it becomes a work of art. I recorded drums, keyboards and vocals and my brother did bass, lead and rhythm guitar as well as vocals. This is the first time we’ve worked so closely together on a recording.  

BR: Did that change the overall outcome of this album compared to other things you’ve done together? 

GT: Definitely. We spent a lot more time making sure everything sounded cohesive and honestly put out the best music we could have possibly put out at this time. 

BR: That’s exciting! And you’re brothers, so you’ve been playing together for a long time.  

GT: It’s crazy. We’ve been playing together since I was 12 or 13 and we started our high school band. We started to get more serious when I went to university and as we both got older. It’s kinda cool to think about where we’ve come from: playing high school talent shows to releasing our first full length album.  

BR: So between the last EP and this full length, what really is different about them if you were more collaborative this time around? 

GT: On Hopeful Horizon, a lot of those songs were songs we had at that time so we put them out on the EP. For this full length, we began the process knowing we wanted to create an album called Paint, so we worked on it from there. We worked on these songs as the project progressed. We also invested a lot of money into new equipment and Andrew took mixing lessons during the recording process to hone his skills. It was a whole different experience doing it all ourselves. It was a huge commitment.  

BR: Are you pleased with the final outcome?  

GT: Oh, yes. We’re super happy with it. It’s authentic, it’s raw; we recorded the bass and guitar live off the floor then added the overdubs on top of that. So it was nice to keep that energy and emotion in the recording. It has life and it almost feels like you’re in the room with the artist while they’re performing the songs. That’s the feeling we wanted to create when we set out to do this album.  

BR: Is there anything else you would like to add? 

GT: Well my brother Andrew who didn’t have a chance to partake in the interview played a huge role in this album in the way that he was able to record what he did on the album in addition to mixing and recording the thing. It was pretty cool to witness him grow his passion.  

Catch The Gear Seabastian with Old Jack Top and Cronenberg Dec. 1 at the Mercury Room (Edmonton) for a double album release!

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