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A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

By Courtney Heffernan After a fiery performance at the NXNE festival stage in downtown Toronto, Haviah Mighty is still in…

VIDEO PREMIERE: Ellen Doty – “September Moon”

Tuesday 28th, November 2017 / 09:00
By Liam Prost

Photo by Brendan Klem

Earlier this month we were elated to find out that Calgarian vocalist and singer- songwriter Ellen Doty was signing to the Toronto based Alma Records to put out her new full length album Come Fall, and even more excited to hear the first cut, the melancholic ‘September Moon.’ The track has the quietude of a jazz recording, but with a clarity and straightforwardness that we might even suggest skews towards adult contemporary if that wasn’t such a gross sounding genre tag.

BeatRoute is proud to debut the video for ‘September Moon,’ a warm and soft visual exercise, featuring a series of frames in a 1×1, super 8 style. The frames drift inward on Doty’s plaintive visage, drift out of focus and then reset.

The video September Moon was directed by Brock Mitchell a childhood friend of Doty. “The visuals were based on capturing her emotion as a performer.”

Mitchell says of the video, “A lot of inspiration was taken from vintage photography, with soft lighting and lensing effects, which gives the video a much more timeless and human feel. There is a warmth to old photographs, no matter if in colour or black and white, and I wanted to convey this same
feeling with the visuals of the song.”

Ellen Doty’s upcoming full length, Come Fall, is out March 2nd on Alma Records.

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