Thursday 30th, November 2017 / 09:32
By Willem Thomas

VANCOUVER – Warning: feelings of warmth may not necessarily be the result of watching the debut video by the new Vancouver six-piece band WARM.

WARM #1 from LATRO on Vimeo.

Directed by Chris Merrell, the video follows a loose central narrative of what essentially amounts to a man’s wanderings and generally negative experiences through the day. Starting his day with a kitchen flood, and ending it on the receiving end of a boxing match beatdown, the protagonist spends the two minutes of the video stuck in an apparent fog. The video is tightly-edited and the song itself is a strong introduction to the band
“WARM #1” is a bold first appearance by the group, who boast two live drummers and a sludgy “dream grunge” sound.  Having finished recording their first EP recently, making some cold weather appropriate merch to accompany it would be a logical next step for WARM.