San Holo Is On An Endless Search For That One Thing

Tuesday 05th, December 2017 / 16:38
By Karolina Kapusta

VANCOUVER – “I try to stay away from trends and just try to do my own thing,” explains Netherlands born producer San Holo over email, from one of the many stops during his fall tour across North America. “I don’t care for genres or what’s the next big thing. I care for music that moves people or provokes certain emotions and feelings.”

San Holo, born Sander van Dijck, creates light-hearted trap and melodious future bass. His music will make you both incredibly happy and extremely sad. As he simply says, “I’m a nostalgic type of guy.”

Music started for van Dijck when he began playing guitar at thirteen years old. After graduating from Codarts University in 2012, he began producing and enjoyed the aspect of working solo. He rose to fame remixing hip-hop classics from the likes of Dr. Dre, Outkast, and Nelly, which led into making beats for friends and other artists. Since then, his music has been put out by such top tier electronic record labels as OWSLA, Spinnin’ Records, and Monstercat.

Van Dijck recently shared a new song called “One Thing.” It’s a happy-go-lucky tune with a serious message.

“It’s about chasing dreams and giving everything you have for that one thing. Chasing dreams is a funny thing, because new dreams [always] pop up along the way. The song is basically about not knowing what the hell life is about,” he states with a laugh.

Van Dijck is the founder of the music label, bitbird, where he has released two style-hopping compilations titled Gouldian Finch, with the second installment rolling out in October of 2017. Genre doesn’t matter with bitbird. It could be a classical piece or electronic banger (“if the song is good, the song is good”). The final track on Gouldian Finch #02, “If Only” is a mega collaboration between San Holo and seven other artists which shows exactly what makes bitbird so precious.

With his current tour coming to an end in Vancouver, van Dijck has spent a lot of time on the road with musical guests DROELOE and Just a Gent, both of whom appeared on Gouldian Finch #02.

“It’s the longest and biggest tour I’ve done so far. I definitely miss my family and friends every now and then. And there’s no better feeling than a full night’s sleep in my own bed after tour,” he muses. “But it’s all worth it!”

San Holo’s tour culminates at Celebrities (Vancouver) on December 9.

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