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Vancouver Mural Festival 2018

Vancouver Mural Festival 2018

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Jodie Overland – Right Here, Right Now – The Artist Has Landed

Thursday 07th, December 2017 / 07:00
By Alan Ranta

VANCOUVER – Vancouver is a melting pot. Only a third of its population was actually born in the city. With such a flux flexing, this column is here to shine a light on welcome new contributors to our scene.

First up is hypnotic techno magnate Jodie Overland. If she’s not in the studio, you may find her going out for ramen, her current obsession, or heading to The VAL Villa, her new favorite rave space. High on her list of achievements, she opened for the legendary Richie Hawtin next to two other prominent women in the Calgary scene, a gig that she found empowering, yet her proudest moment so far was being selected for the 2017 RBMA Montréal Bass Camp, a “most amazing learning experience” that gave her the best tools in order to foster her mesmerizing production skills.

Why here?
I moved to Vancouver for a number of reasons. The job I had be working at for the past three years had laid me off, and the person I was dating at the time had moved away to Japan around the same time. I wasn’t tied down to a lease in Calgary, and I also had an opportunity to live [in Chinatown] here in Vancouver that I couldn’t pass up. Calgary is in a weird place right now with the economic recession and I figured all of the signs were pointing towards me trying out a new city. I’m a lone wolf for the most part in the scene world, but I enjoy going to all kinds of events.

What now?
I’m working on my debut EP featuring five acid/techno tracks. I’m holding off on DJing as much as I was in Calgary in order to focus on my production, but I’m hoping to play in four different cities this spring as a mini tour. I would love to open for DVS-1 sometime. He’s my DJ idol. In terms of production, I’d love to collaborate with Lena Willikens or Young Male.

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