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Club PuSh

Club PuSh

By Yasmine Shemesh Held this year at the Fox Cabaret and the Anvil Centre, Club PuSh is a special showcase of experimental…


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Crooked Spies: second time ’round, nails down the sound   

Friday 08th, December 2017 / 12:00
By Sarah Mac 


CALGARY – Calgary locals Crooked Spies are throwing a release party for their second album, High Plains, and you’re all invited.  

Crooked Spies consists of: Dylan Evanik on lead vocals and guitar, Steve Evanik on lead guitar and backing vocals, Aaron Samson on bass and Mark Lawlor hammering on the drums. Powered by the classic elements of rock and roll and combining them with heavy, melodic beats and dark, brooding vocals; it’s the bluesy backbone throughout their music that keeps Crooked Spies’ sound complimentary regardless of the eclectic twists their style takes.  

High Plains is their second album, following Treason released in 2015. A couple years older and wiser, the guys in Crooked Spies have developed a tighter and more devoted band, both musically and creatively, which they’ve demonstrated perfectly on their latest album, High Plains 

“With our first album, there was no concept to it. It was just songs thrown together, there wasn’t really a cohesive sound to it either necessarily. So, the nice thing about High Plains is we did have some time to write and record it. Overall the album is kind of like nature vs the human condition and the raw side of being human. The first half is rock-driven, heavy-riff bass and guitar; whereas the other half draws more from a pop-punk influence, but still heavily rock influenced,” explains Evanik.  

“This album was more thought out, we had a lot of songs written and a few songs that we didn’t use. But the songs we chose, we worked harder on to include them on the album.” Aaron Samson adds.  

As such, High Plains is a stellar example of the band’s growth as individual musicians and in collaboration with each other. The teaser track, Waiting, is an excellent sampling of the band’s integrated style, as well as a taste for how they’ve matured. 

“We feel the album is a good representation of our live shows and cohesive piece of work that reflects what we are as a band. It incorporates all these influences we had when growing up, so it’s diverse from song to song. But that’s what we’re about. We like to play shit that we like. And we’re really excited to put this album out.” Evanik boasts.   

Come celebrate with the Crooked Spies on Dec15 at the Nite Owl (Calgary) with special guests Free the Cynics and Ghost Factory. 

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