Morrissey – Low In High School 

Sunday 24th, December 2017 / 10:00
By Dain MacLean


It wouldn’t be outrageous to make the claim that Low In High School will likely stand as the most polarizing piece of work in 2017. Although the current year could never quite climax as triumphantly as Morrissey’s 11th solo record’s closing ballad “Israel” does, a final track that wraps up a strange, and at times, mesmerizing 53-minute wander inside of the Manchester native’s mind. Anyone is capable of assuming to find a politically charged protest album behind the very direct artistic face of the album, but lyrics from songs “When You Open Your Legs” and “Home Is a Question Mark” (“wrap your legs around my face, just to greet me”) shift the anarchist tone to sexual humour so confident in delivery, some could even find its sentiment to be charming.  

At first glance, the album is dotted with references to a recent place of affinity for the 58-year-old icon, but the production of the album sounds as though it could have literally been recorded somewhere in the center of Tel Aviv itself. In actuality, it is Morrissey’s return to La Fabrique in Saint Remy, France following 2014’s “World Peace is None of Your Business.” Comparatively, Low in High School plays as an experiment in design and lyrical messaging for the man without a home, but the excellence of the ex-Smiths frontman’s prior solo work will understandably overshadow this often confusing and occasionally thrilling album when the dust settles.

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