The Trews: One for Rush and the road ahead 

Sunday 24th, December 2017 / 12:00
By Trevor Morelli

Maritime rockers ringing in the new year on the prairie

CALGARY – When asked to cover a Rush tune for the 40th  anniversary reissue of the band’s seminal 1977 album,  A Farewell to Kings, The Trews were more than happy to get on board.  

“I think we started to appreciate Rush more once we got in a band and just sort of came to appreciate how unique they really are, like how truly themselves they’ve always been,” offers lead guitarist John-Angus MacDonald. 

“That’s sort of rare, you know? I feel like Rush is one of those bands that’s always marched to the beat of their own drummer and they’ve never really compromised what they do. And then, of course, a few of their jams are sick, so they’re a lot of fun to play.” 

The re-issue of Rush’s A Farewell to Kings released Dec. 1 and also includes covers by Big Wreck, Dream Theater, and Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell).  

“We got a nice note from Alex (Lifeson, guitar) and from Geddy (Lee, vocals) saying how much they appreciate it and they thought we did a great job, which was nice to see.” 

Looking ahead, The Trews have been hard at work laying down tracks for their new album. Their goal is to have a single out in the spring with the full-length record to follow before summer. 

“I think we have one of the strongest collections of songs we’ve had going into a project since our first record just because we took so much time,” MacDonald elaborates. 

“Ultimately the last full studio album release was 2014, so that’s a really big gap. We did put a record out and we did tour, but it was greatest hits, so we’ve been amassing songs for like 3 years and we’ve been really picky and choosy, and really diligent, working hard on them, so I feel like we’re going into the project with a bunch of good tunes.” 

They might even debut some new songs at their annual New Year’s Eve show. 

“We play almost every New Year’s. I think we’ve had like two off since we started the band. I think we prefer it that way. On the biggest party night of the year, you might as well be the party. We like it. It’s a pretty massive celebration,” says MacDonald 

The Trews will be playing their New Year’s Eve concert on Dec. 31 at The Deerfoot Inn and Casino (Calgary). 

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