Tennis – We Can Die Happy

Monday 25th, December 2017 / 10:00
By  Trent Warner

Mutually Detrimental

Fairly fresh off the release of Yours Conditionally in March 2017 comes Tennis’ We Can Die Happy. The songs were cuts that, to the band, were too far-fetched from the rest of the aforementioned record’s sound. While this may be true of the record’s thematic ties, the ‘70s pop sound they propagate remains. 

Lead single “No Exit” is a lo-fi pop dream. It’s the sound of a sultry house party make out with a cute stranger. Though, it’s less about the makeout and more about the burst of self-confidence—of elation—that follows as you make your way back into the crowd. Like the rest of the album, it’s about letting go and experiencing joy, regardless of the conflicting feelings that may precede this process. 

Next comes “I Miss That Feeling,” an exploration of the synthesis of anxiety and sexual or romantic pleasure: “Flicker hot and hovering / like my own discovering,” sings Alaina Moore “Diamond Rings” is the most overt departure from Yours Conditionally, gearing more towards a Joan Jett-esque pop rock ballad that is the most overtly confrontational of any Tennis song. The guitars gear forward in a march matched by singer Alaina Moore’s staccato drone. 

We Can Die Happy is simple and pretty and rife with languid sentimentality; an easy listen for a weary heart looking to find peace.

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