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Club PuSh

Club PuSh

By Yasmine Shemesh Held this year at the Fox Cabaret and the Anvil Centre, Club PuSh is a special showcase of experimental…


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Young Jesus – S/T 

Tuesday 26th, December 2017 / 10:00
By Alec Warkentin

Saddle Creek 

Woe to those poor souls who may approach a band named Young Jesus hoping for mumblerap and wavy trap beats — this L.A. four-piece is the antithesis of an Internet upbringing. 

To unpack that idea, Young Jesus’ debut on Saddle Creek sounds more like a throwback to those patient alt-rock bands of the mid-to-late 90’s (think somewhere between Bedhead and Duster), where the formula is composed of bursts of energy followed by meandering atmospherics. 

Composed of seven tracks with one-word titles that fluctuate between two and 12 minutes, S/T is an goddamn experience. From the opening strums of the conventionally-constructed “Green,” to the parting words delivered after the closing beatdown of “Storm,” the world constructed by Young Jesus is all-encompassing. 

Take, for example, the penultimate track “Feeling” — easily the highpoint of the album. In just under 10 minutes, the listener is tossed through the motions of undulating guitar, free-form drums, birdsong, snippets of conversation from unseen participants, and winding post-rock interludes as vocalist John Rossiter shouts wildly. 

It may sound overwhelming, but it’s not. Nothing is done for its own sake. Everything serves its purpose: to explore the minutiae of the day-to-day. This seems to be the magic of Young Jesus. The lyrics aren’t the most clever and the instrumentation, at points, becomes a little much, but there is something there. It’s not immediately apparent, but it’s undeniably felt. That alone makes it worth the listen.

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