SINGLE PREMIERE: Elliott Slinn — “It’s You”

Thursday 28th, December 2017 / 12:06
By Lauren Donnelly

VANCOUVER – Take a deep breath — make that three — and let local troubadour Elliott Slinn transport you to a purer frame of mind with his single “It’s You.” It’s the perfect cure for holiday stress in a world gone chaotic.

Opening with ethereal ambient chords reminiscent of a meditation track, “It’s You” is a good old-fashioned love song. Acoustic strums build steadily, ushering in Slinn’s smooth baritone vocals in a slow, ambling melody. The delivery is understated and earnest.

The lyrics are straightforward romance bordering on Sufism. “In this world of wrongs and rights /In this life of days and nights/ And the road so long so wide/I just want you by my side.” Slinn’s sparse vocals let the poetry of the lyrics take centre stage.

“This song was a labour of love,” says Slinn. “A romantic ideal within the real world. A longing mixed with joyful proclamation.” The romance is palpable, a breath of fresh air. Everything old is new again with “It’s You” — a delightful reminder of the magic of the mundane and of what love is like when it’s stripped bare. And that’s what Slinn is going for. “I hope this song can balm the wounded and lift the spirits,” he says.

The gorgeous monochromatic, medieval-inspired cover art by Samantha Slinn also deserves a mention as it contributes to the overall aesthetic of passion communicated via simplicity.

The stark purity of Slinn’s voice against a relatively simplistic instrumentation and poetic, yet straightforward lyrics, drive the underlying message of unconditional love.