This Month in Metal: January 2018

Monday 01st, January 2018 / 17:56
By Sarah Kitteringham  

Tribulation releases ‘Down Below’ on January 26.

CALGARY – After a holiday season that saw temperatures drop lower than those reported on Antarctica and Mars, we could all use some sweat filled venues and neck snapping tunes to help warm us up.  

Relevant to the previous point: kick off the month with some local black and death metal! DetherousBlack SacramentTraerCultist and Kings Rot will be playing at Distortion in Calgary on Friday, January 5. If you dig your tunes pulverizing and wicked, the bill will get your goat. That same day, Austria’s own epic black metal band Summoning will release ‘With Doom We Come’ via Napalm Records.  

The following evening, Calgary’s best BBQ joint celebrates Harlo’s birthday alongside Edmonton stoner rock act Black Mastiff, and Calgary bands Woodhawk and Denim Machine. Head to the Palomino Smokehouse & Bar on Saturday, January 6 to join in the festivities! If you’re over in Edmonton, Bohemia is where you should be, this time for the Tekarra LP release party. They’ll be playing alongside LanguidZebra Pulse, and Paroxysm. The atmospheric sludge metal band will be unleashing their self-tilted debut, and are sure to pulverize your eardrums with their expansive sound.  

The following weekend, on Saturday, January 13, hit up the best punk show of the month when Mandible Klaw celebrates their tape release alongside Pill CrusherVanta, and Class of 93 at Dickens in Calgary. Read our feature on the band before heading out to the gig!  

Saturday, January 20 will see another heavy bill at Distortion in Calgary. The evening will feature performances by Calgary’s own Train Bigger MonkeysTyrantKrepitus, and Illyrian alongside Edmonton’s technical metal act Protosequence, who emulate acts like All Shall Perish and The Faceless. In addition to all that, it is Krepitus drummer Harley’s birthday, so be sure to buy him a drink (or four). Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door.  

Swedish atmospheric death metallers Tribulation will release their fourth studio album ‘Down Below’ on Friday, January 26. That same day, crusty doom metallers Anguish (who merge Celtic Frost with Reverend Bizarre), will be releasing their third studio album ‘Magna est vis Siugnah’ via High Roller Records. Finally, Australian experimental death metallers Portal, who you may know from the countless clock head memes circulating the dark corners of the Internet – will release their fifth full-length ION’ via Canada’s own Profound Lore Records.  

End your month off by attending a fundraiser show for the fourth edition of Stabmonton. On Saturday, January 27, Latino’s Restaurant in Edmonton will be hosting a hardcore gig with performances by MessiahlatorGizzard, and Bleach. All funds will go towards the April rendition of the festival, and t-shirts will be available for sale alongside tapes and records. HELP KEEP THE GRIND ALIVE AND SUPPORT DIY MUSIC!  

Speaking of grind, Calgary’s own crusty grinders WAKE will be releasing their fourth studio album ‘Misery Rites’ in February. It’s our most anticipated local release of the year, and will be unveiled via Translation Loss Records. Be sure to check out these pages for a feature in the February edition. We’re also stoked that 2018 will see releases by the mighty Judas Priest, death metal titans At the Gates, grind weirdos Pig Destroyer, and MANY MORE!

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