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Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

Rise above the haze at Tokyo Smoke

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WINT: The virtues of Info overload 

Saturday 06th, January 2018 / 12:52
By Trevor Morelli


Day by day dedication yields results

CALGARY – In the digital world, many people would rank searching for new information at the top of their list of favorite pastimes. Whether it’s reading the latest news on CNN or following our favorite influencers on Instagram, fresh facts and new fables are definitely ingrained in our DNA. 

Recently WINT’s Brandon Saucier found inspiration in understanding the origins of this pursuit, and specifically the quantum physics behind it. Without going too far down the rabbit hole, his latest collection of songs  Information  ties together some of his Googling with tidbits from Don Delillo’s influential book  White Noise. 

“All we’re looking for as human beings is more information,” he offers. “We’re just looking for some new thing, like ‘I don’t know about something, so I’m going to look for it’. That’s all it is. And once you know something, you move on. (But) there’s other stuff to get into, as a basic motivation for human beings.” 

Last year was a particularly busy one for Saucier, who’s originally from Medicine Hat. He started the year by writing and recording one song a day and carried on this routine for two, three months. In the end he released five albums under the WINT moniker in 2017 alone. 

For  Information, which was recorded in August/September but released in December, he took the time to tweak the small details, something he hadn’t done with previous efforts. “I really tried to get way more detailed and did little things, getting into the minutia of all the sounds.” 

While WINT’s music is available digitally, their run of cassette tapes sold out fairly quickly. Saucier says he’d love to get more in production when he gets time, especially since he doesn’t like the idea of music being created in limited quantities on purpose, like those meant to be Record Store Day exclusives. 

“Honestly I don’t like the exclusivity thing that seems to be a trend with underground music right now. People put out a round of tapes, and then that’s it, it’s done. The big thing they advertise is like 1,000 copies. Like, what is on here that is so enticing? Why have that going on? If it’s good music, just keep making it, you know?” 

Saucier doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. He might even have a new release out by the time you read this. Keep your eyes on WINT’s band camp page ( for his latest lo-fi masterpiece.  


Wint will be playing January 13 at The Palomino (Calgary) in support of his latest release

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