Monday 08th, January 2018 / 08:00
By Paul McAleer


Question Everything, Inc. / Empire

Despite releasing three albums in 2017, BROCKHAMPTON has yet to oversaturate the rap market, speaking to the versatility and talent of each member in the boy band. Rap is the new rock, but BROCKHAMPTON is the only boy band to release nearly three hours of original music and rise to internet stardom over the course of a year. SATURATION III is arguably the best of the trilogy in terms of consistency and production quality, offering some of the group’s smoothest R&B tracks yet while delivering a healthy amount of bangers at the same time.

Album opener “BOOGIE” is the musical equivalent of a shot of adrenaline, further establishing the collective’s fascination with “breaking necks like a chiropractor” and reminiscent of SATURATION’s “HEAT,” one of the finest, most aggressive offerings from the group. “SISTER/NATION” is another cannonball of a track that never loses its velocity thanks to its industrial and electronic influences, sounding like a playful take on Yeezus.

With 14 members, BROCKHAMPTON has perfected the art of balancing everyone’s talents across the album. With each record, there are fewer tracks in which one artist steals the show, which is more than Odd Future or even Wu-Tang could say.

SATURATION III marks the end of a yearlong era, providing new artists a framework for success, but the flooded release schedule wasn’t the only thing driving BROCKHAMPTON’s hype. The group redefined how rap collectives and boy bands should operate, utilizing the strengths of each member while pushing the boundaries of hip-hop in the process. No one is selfishly seeking solo stardom, solidifying BROCKHAMPTON as a team effort bound to improve in 2018.


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