Album Review: Kellen Saip
 – Winding Road

Monday 08th, January 2018 / 08:00
By Lauren Donnelly

Kellen Saip

Winding Road


Kellen Saip is back with his new folksy, bluesy EP, Winding Road. The Ladner-based singer-songwriter’s newest offering is more stripped down than his 2016 release, Take Me Away. Saip’s gospel roots intermingle with country twang on “Winding Road,” “Shadow on Your Path,” and “Devil’s Payday.” It feels like Saip is still searching for his sound, but his music is at its best when he keeps it simple – the gentler vocals on “Shadow on Your Path” and the live-recording “Breath of Heaven” suit him. These songs are heartfelt and timeless, suggesting that the best is yet to come from Saip.