Album Review: The Wet Secrets – The Tyranny Of Objects

Monday 08th, January 2018 / 08:00
By Mike Dunn

The Wet Secrets

The Tyranny Of Objects
Six Shooter Records

Coursing with a speedy vibe of ‘60s pop and garage rock with fuzzy bass, horns, and synth as accelerants, The Wet Secrets’ latest, The Tyranny Of Objects, is an instantly catchy blast of rock n’ roll energy with candy-coated hooks that revels in its little oddities.

The Tyranny Of Objects rips right off the hop, driving a pushy four beat with a half-time bass riff on The Secrets’ stopgap 2016 single “I Can Swing A Hammer,” leading into the twisty “Tidal Wave Of Hate (Baby Let’s Surf),” its ultra-poppy verses leading into a chorus with an instrumental hook that really gives off the aforementioned ‘60s pop vibe. The alum’s first single, “Give It To Me Straight” is one of the catchiest Alberta songs of the year, a throbbing punk disco jam with endless hooks that frontman Lyle Bell plays super straight for the most part, until the end of his lines where he comes wildly unhinged. There’s a bit of Giorgio Moroder in the synth lines, and Bell’s production skills shouldn’t be overlooked in his ability to pile hooks on top of hooks.

It’s that good, and still the good kind of weird. “Burn It All And Start Again” is another cut with a fuzz-bass-over-disco-groove feel, and the Secrets do a beautiful job of not going to the well too many times. “Final Curtain For A Drama Queen” feels like an animé car chase on a cloud, with a crooked horn riff in the middle and stop-start break that’s perfectly unsettling.

The Tyranny Of Objects came late, but its combination of catchy, hook-laden rock n’ roll and unexpected and jarring freakouts with endless energy make it a top contender for Alberta’s best record this year. It’s like a dance party on a comet with all your favourite weirdos.