Grandtheft Explores Anywhere His Keen Ear Will Take Him

Monday 29th, January 2018 / 07:05
By Jamie Goyman

Photo by Sean Berrigan

VANCOUVER – Toronto-based producer Grandtheft is a name that has gained massive ground in the electronic music swell. Born Aaron Waisglass, his debut EP, Quit This City, was released on Mad Decent in 2016. Along with the polished remixes he’s been pushing since 2014, he has shown the fire he possesses.

Pulling out of 2017 in true Grandtheft fashion, Waisglass laid out with the bass heavy, swooning “Square One,” featuring lyrical accompaniment from MAX. With a push from radio play of his “Easy Go” single, he is finding that sweet spot of milk and honey every artist hopes for.

”I have been in a crazy studio zone, and writing fast. I used to be so slow, but I am really trying to write the music quickly and organically rather than overthinking everything,” Waisglass explains. “Once there is a musical framework, it’s about what sounds good and different. These days, I try to let the melodies and chords come through me. I kind of engineer/mix the records as I produce, so I guess my personality comes through in the music naturally.”

Fueled by an unstoppable work ethic, Waisglass has a fervid need to create, exploring anywhere his keen ear for sound will take him. Having worked with the likes of Keys N Krates on “Keep it 100” and Diplo remixing Calvin Harris hits “Sweet Nothing” and “Summer,” Waisglass has displayed, time and time again, his ability to get the big rooms moving and keep fans attention in this saturated media environment.

”There is something about creating, then listening to [a song] that didn’t exist before. I always try to make music that I want to hear, songs that I want to listen to, but don’t have,” Waisglass muses. “Sometimes, if I have a melody in my head, I’ll start there. Almost every time I have a session with a singer these days, I start fresh, writing a song from scratch and building the beat and lyrics on the spot.”

When it comes to what’s on the up-and-up for Grandtheft, the trimmings are seemingly stacked to the nines. The chances for a full-length album in 2018 are looking good. It’s in the works.

“Tons of my best-ever music is ready to be released… I’m working with a lot of organic sounds again, and I’m always looking for different and more interesting sounds to work with. Field recordings and sound effects from real life have been finding their way into my beats lately.”

Experience Grandtheft. You won’t regret it. Get sticky; get sweaty.

Catch Grandtheft at Venue (Vancouver) on February 3.