Friday 02nd, February 2018 / 08:00
By Kaitlin Moerman

CALGARY – I Am The Mountain are set to release something soulful, funky, and complex with their latest album, We’re Here For Each Other. This short, six track affair feels fresh, while playing on the nostalgic sounds that make their music nostalgic and comfortable. BeatRoute is proud to premiere the music video for the bubbly album cut “Motorcycles.”

Henry Acteson and Unearth YYC produced the video, a short narrative film that features the band as actors. Primary songwriter Colton O’Reilly attests to BeatRoute that “everything they did was perfect,” from initial meeting to execution of the final product. The video plays on the song’s warmth and nostalgia with soft tones and low contrast mise en scéne, playfully displayed through a split screen frame. It follows O’Reilly and a female character, played by Jean Roe, in a mundane everyday life scenario. Separately, the two get up, go to work, get yelled at by an overzealous boss (played by I Am The Mountain bassist Jesse Shire), and go home to sit and watch infomercials alone in front of the television. At the four-minute mark, alongside a crescendo in the song, a twist takes place.

O’Reilly began the band six years ago and has been performing, touring, and making music with a steady cast of characters for the last three years. O’Reilly’s smooth, warm voice and soulful folk-inspired lyrics are paired well with classically-trained trumpet master Keath Mueller, jazz bassist and singer-songwriter Jesse Shire (Rosalind), and hip-hop and soul influenced brothers Robin and Jason Cillo, who play drums and lead guitar respectively.

Their thoughtfully crafted aesthetic and stage presence are a result of the care and love the band has for each other. Their comfort and respect for the audience and with one another shown during their live shows cultivates and equally calming ambience, which in turn echoes the laid back attitude of their low tempo bubbly rhythms. It’s right there in the name of the album, Were Here for Each Other. I Am The Mountain mounts the tunes you want to listen to when coming down late at night, to vibe to when out on the road, but keep you moving. These are songs that represent personal growth in the soundtrack of your life, somewhere between romance and heartache. Their songs share the common theme of love. Love which, O’Reilly suggests, doesn’t always translate to romance or longing. Sometimes it’s the love in a relationship that gets people through a hard time.

Accomplished album producer Nils Mikkelsen (AM Static) approached O’Reilly to record after hearing the band perform “That Old Feelin’” at a live performance. O’Reilly says that song “sums up that familiar feeling of our band’s name, of the songs we perform, of the feeling you feel when you see us live, all encompassed into I Am The Mountain.” On the album, that track accompanies title track, “We’re Here For Each Other,” the dynamic full-band song “The Fireside Room,” beautifully crafted folk song “Forever, Love,” the moving love song with a wicked drum solo titled “I Can’t Breathe,” and the mid-performance-applause-inducing “Motorcycles.”

Photo by Henry Acteson

I Am The Mountain releases Were Here for Each Other February 16 at the Ironwood Stage and Grill (Calgary) and February 17 at the Mercury Room (Edmonton). Admission includes a copy of the album.

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