Adult Cartoon Party to Tickle Your Fancy

Saturday 10th, February 2018 / 12:00


By Nicole Boychuk 

Throwback to midnight movies gets naughty.


EDMONTON – Throughout their tenure, Metro Cinema Society has always featured strong programming, largely thanks to the passion oozing from its curators. Night Gallery is one of the most recent additions to their programming, seeking to “give Edmonton’s film and video nerds a home.”  

Inspired by Montreal’s video lounges and the campy midnight movie phenomena of the early ‘70s, the project was curated by Metro Cinema Facilities Manager Allan Mulholland. He wants to test if the secondary screening space he engineered in the lobby of the Garneau Theatre is a feasible way to show content to an audience. Maggie Hardy, a long time contributor to the programming department at Metro Cinema, is assisting Mulholland in sourcing content for their upcoming event dubbed Adult Cartoon Party.  

The duo has been working hard on their visual mix tape sourcing material from Super 8mm, LaserDisc, Betamax, VHS and web rips. 

“It’s incredible what was out there,” explains Mulholland.

“The collection will go through the history of X-Rated adult cartoons. The first film we are starting off with is a short from the 1920s, which was a surprise to me. It will be all over the map. Things that I find interesting will colour it, but I’m trying to keep it open. And it all depends… The mix tape has to go through the class board first!”   

Without revealing too much Hardy adds, “It will mostly be sexy, fun and light-hearted. It is a party after all!”  

The lounge atmosphere is an intentional call back to early midnight movie screenings encouraging social interaction, as Mulholland clarifies. 

“You can sit or stand where you want, as long as everyone is still able to see – we set chairs out, but it seems naturally people like to form rows and that’s fine! It should be whatever the audience wants it to be,” informs Mulholland.

“We are providing it for their enjoyment. We don’t have a strict ‘no talking rule.’ As long as you’re not interrupting someone’s enjoyment, it’s all yours.”  

In vein of the experimental cinema and video lounges, the bar is open late and admission is inexpensive. 

“Let’s just all be friends, and enjoy the late night!”  


Night Gallery’s sixth installment Adult Cartoon Party screens on Saturday, Feb. 17 at 11:59 pm at Metro Cinema (Edmonton). Advance passes are recommended.

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