Typhoon – Offerings 

Monday 12th, February 2018 / 08:00


By Andrew Bardsley
Roll Call Records

With the release of Offerings, Portland–based Typhoon once again attracts listeners to delve into the emotion and passion of front man Kyle Morton. Offerings is the fourth studio album for the band and the sound differs significantly from White Lighter, the last studio album by indie symphonic collective. A much more distorted and frantic sound, Offerings fails to capture the listener’s full attention throughout and seems disjointed in the story it is meant to tell. The albums structure seems off, starting with “Wake,” a frantic song that is off-putting to the listener. However, it is followed by “Rorschach,” which for fans of Typhoon will be a welcome return to form. The album ends with the nearly 13-minute epic “Sleep” which draws comparisons to the 2009 release of Hospice by Brooklyn-based band The Antlers. This epic is the strongest song on the album and showcases Morton’s storytelling as well as the larger orchestral quality that is Typhoon.

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