Video Premiere: Erin Kay – Holding You Tonight

Monday 12th, February 2018 / 08:00
By Liam Prost

Edmonton singer-songwriter Erin Kay has had an album brewing inside her for a long time. After a harrowing breakup from an abuse relationship and moving to Alberta, Erin has coded her catharsis into music. Her album is Silver and Gold, a meditation on what can be promised from others, and what can be found in yourself. It’s a beautiful and loving record filled with aspiration and hope for the future.

Erin Kay

BeatRoute is proud to premiere the video for “Holding You Tonight,” the lead single from the record. It’s a strikingly supportive folk song about getting another through hard times.

A warm and caring person herself, and the pilot of a support initiative for woman struggling with abuse and the ripples thereof called ‘I am Enough,’ the song carries several levels of truth, a warm hug of a song. Recorded live at Electric Treehouse in Edmonton and surrounded by a group of soft backup singers and players, the video is a stark performance of the song, featuring a cameo by Kay’s daughter.

Silver and Gold is available March 8th . She performs February 24 at the Northern Lights Folk Club (Edmonton), March 8 and 10 at The Aviary (Edmonton), March 17 at the Good Earth Café (Canmore) and April 6 at the New Moon Folk Club (Edmonton).

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