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The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

The Prettys Create A Feast Of Snacks For The Senses With Tapas

By Cole Young The five hour interview/feast of tapas started with an interpretive dance to Enya, ended with a drunken…


SINGLE PREMIERE: Haley Blais – “Small Foreign Faction”

Thursday 15th, February 2018 / 13:05
By Lauren Donnelly

photo by Tatum Maclean

Let Vancouver-based musician Haley Blais quench your thirst for ‘90s nostalgia with her new single “Small Foreign Faction” off her forthcoming EP Let Yourself Go.

Her vocals are reminiscent of your favorite ‘90s female powerhouses — Natalie Merchant with a Paula Cole falsetto meets the Cranberries — and the instrumentation features driving indie pop grooves not unlike the Breeders.

Lyrically, Blais conjures up rich imagery with poetics like “I like to sit around fires and catch the embers on my tongue.” Punctuated with soaring harmonies that strengthen the song’s message, the chorus declares, “I never wanted anything, and I never got it.” It feels like a revelation –– an empowering one.

Blais has a strong YouTube following already for her solo ukulele-accompanied cover songs, but this is her first release with a full backing band. “Small Foreign Faction” signals an exciting new direction for one of Vancouver’s most promising up-and-comers.

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