Asking Alexandria Throw Their Old Selves into the Fire

Monday 19th, February 2018 / 07:00
by Slone Fox

Photo by Sanjay Parikh

VANCOUVER – Asking Alexandria has undoubtedly had their share of twists and turns during their decade as a band, perhaps the most notable being the departure of vocalist Danny Worsnop in 2015. Their previous album, The Black, saw singer Denis Stoff as frontman, but his reign was short-lived – Worsnop inevitably reclaimed his throne in 2017, just in time for the band’s powerful new self-titled album.

The hard rock quintet offers a new style this time around, but old fans shouldn’t stress. The rowdiness that has come to be synonymous with Asking Alexandria still has its permanent place on the record. Energy falls out of every song, just as one would expect from a reunion album of this magnitude, yet the record is also laced with a unique kind of softness, if Asking Alexandria could ever be considered soft.

According to lead guitarist Ben Bruce, the change in sound is obvious: the music has changed because they have changed.

“Sometimes people want more music like our old stuff, but the old stuff is still there,” Bruce points out. “If that’s what you want to listen to, listen to it. I think everyone would get very bored if we just kept playing the same kind of thing over and over again.”

To accompany their hard-hitting new album, Asking Alexandria also released an equally raucous music video for their opening track, “Into The Fire.” The Sin City-esque video features a series of cheerful scenes, such as Wors turning his back on his bandmates as they burn to death in a car wreck, bleed out on the road, get hit by cars and so on, all at the hands of Worsnop and his various unsafe road practices. The symbolism there is glaring.

One would think filming such heavy scenes would have an emotional toll on the band, but Bruce insists that the hardest part of it was all physical.

“There’s these harnesses, and they’re just lifting you around all day,” he says. “Emotionally though, I mean, it was mostly just production people yelling ‘CRY!’ Which I can do, by the way. I can cry on demand. I cry all the time. I cry when I watch movies, when I wake up, when I eat, when I ejaculate. I’m very good at it.”

Even though the music video might look somber, Bruce says having Worsnop back has been nothing but positive. After a four-year absence from Vancouver, fans can expect to see some changes in the band since their last show here, but only for the best.

“Just as people, we’ve all grown a lot. Cam and I were talking about it today, how four or five years ago, we all would have been just hammered around this time, but the other day we did meet and greets and afterwards we just, like, went to bed.”

The well-rested rock group kicked off the aptly named Resurrection Tour in January 2018. With such an extensive list of tour dates spanning over continents, Asking Alexandria has returned to the scene and hit the ground running. We can only hope that this time around, it’s permanent.

Asking Alexandria co-headlines the Vogue Theatre with Black Veil Brides and Crown the Empire on February 25.



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