Tune-Yards – I can feel you creep into my private life 

Monday 19th, February 2018 / 08:00
By Liam Prost

It’s abrupt how little abruptness there is in the latest release from Tune-Yards. The rhythmic attack and staccato catch-and-release structure of the weird-pop outfits previous releases were career defining. I can feel you creep into my private life brings enormous simplicity to the rhythms, but the off-kilter melodies and nasally delivery from frontwoman Merrill Garbus become even more prescient to the project as a result. Most tracks are anchored by simple four-beats and structured like electronic music, specifically techno, but occasionally even features drop-like movements that echo dance music. This is most notable in the singles like “Look at Your Hands.”

Other tracks feature a more deliberate instrumental build up that resembles LCD Soundsystem. The effectiveness of the record is mostly due to the shear textural variety, combined with the huge personality of Garbus’ voice and lyrics. Garbus writes a lot about her social position on the record, both in her vulnerability as a woman in the public eye, which is echoed in the title of the record (and is spoken aloud several times during the record), and also in her self-consciousness about her white privilege. This is spoken to most directly in the first-person-sung “Colonizer.”

Garbus’ own political self-awareness is a testament to the tonal variety that has defined her career. Tune-Yards routinely uses ethnically tinged instrumentation, but no song or even musical movement is distinctly drawn from any particular culture to even consider it appropriative. I can feel you creep into my private life is a weird, woke, and ultimately wonderful piece of work.

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