Sean Burns & Lost Country – Music For Taverns, Bars, And Honky Tonks 

Wednesday 28th, February 2018 / 20:13


By Mike Dunn


Winnipeg singer-songwriter Sean Burns has always played that classic feel of roadhouse BBQ joint honky tonk with the best independent artists Western Canada has to offer. On his latest full-length, Music For Taverns, Bars, And Honky Tonks, the energy he’s been bringing to one-nighters across the prairies for the past seven years is fully realized. 

Straight to the point, just like the AM radio country classics, cuts like “Big Freightliner” and “Harold’s Super Service” are fast-paced rug-cutters that never waste a second and are gone as quick as they came. The latter featuring some knockout banjo roll chicken pickin’ from producer/guitarist Grant Siemens and flashing steel guitar riffs from Nashville-based Chris Scruggs. “Lonesome Again” is another wicked two-stepper that bucks right out of the gate – a mid-tempo shuffle with some baritone guitar added for greasy effect. Burns’s voice a brassy instrument itself, easily inhabiting the beer joint characters he’s writing about, and giving off a good-natured vibe that makes the record feel like a party.

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