Metafloor realizing the power of his sound

Thursday 01st, March 2018 / 10:00
By Paul Rodgers 


Metafloor’s latest release Fish Fruit is his strongest yet 
Photo by Michael Benz

CALGARY – It’s been two years since we last spoke with Metafloor, a.k.a. Blaine Kingcott, a producer, DJ, and promoter behind local crew Sub Chakra. It also has been exactly two years ago since we reviewed his then-new EP Stronger. Metafloor has now returned with stand-out EP, Fish Fruit, fresh out on Aufect Platinum, the brand-new sister label to Vancouver’s decade-strong Aufect Recordings.  

Stronger featured some tunes that I had been sitting on for a while and just wanted to get out,” says Kingcott. “This release is similar; some new, some old but it’s more focused and in line with the sound I’ve been trying to hone in on the last couple years.”  

Describing his music as “minimal, bass driven, steppy halftime, footwork-jungle sounds,” Fish Fruit demonstrates a progression from his previous work. While he still excels in the 140 b.p.m. range heard on previous release Stronger, Kingcott now exhibits a talent and comfort with the increasingly popular genre of half-step drum and bass. Herein, deep, smooth, rolling basslines are often punctuated by reggae and jungle vocal samples, and driven forward by skittering percussion.  

The track “Mo Power,” which appeared alongside several other Metafloor originals in Doctor Jeep’s Bass Coast promo mix, appears on this EP. As do remixes from prolific French producer Moresounds and London’s Fixate.  

“The remixes are what really bring that release together,” says Kingcott.

“Which is amazing because sometimes the remixes on any release are what stands out. I think it really works in this case because Moresounds and Fixate are some of my absolute tip-top favourite producers — very lucky to have their support.”  

Gaining support from artists that helped inspire his own artistic progression is just one of Kingcott’s accomplishments. He cites Bass Coast (where he feels at home and hopes to soon return) and the thriving of Sub Chakra as his crowning achievements, as well as touring to places like Vancouver and Portland.  

Currently, Kingcott has a remix for Vancouver d’n’b duo Levridge set to be released in March and simply plans to keep experimenting to see what will happen next.  

“I want to do more of that and see if I can come up something profound, something that makes people feel versus get hype. I like the idea of making music that can make people cry because it’s so beautiful, it really puts emphasis on how powerful music is,” he explains.  

“I feel like this is how I would be able to write something that is ‘timeless,’ which I believe is a great way to measure whether a piece of music is quality work. Music is subjective, but if you can push play on what was made 10 years ago and it’s still great to listen to, that’s something to truly be proud of.”  


Metafloor performs alongside Dubconscious and Bag-O-Beetz at Sub Chakra’s Dubfounded residency at Habitat on March 8  [Calgary] and opens for D Double E at HiFi on March 31 [Calgary].

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