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A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

By Courtney Heffernan After a fiery performance at the NXNE festival stage in downtown Toronto, Haviah Mighty is still in…

Miesha and the Spanks – Girls Girls Girls 

Thursday 01st, March 2018 / 17:01
By Will Cowan


Calgary duo Miesha & The Spanks deliver the party in their newest record Girls Girls Girls, a pop-rock feast for the ears that never slows down once you hit the play button. The first thing that comes to mind when you listen to this album is the sheer production value it has, probably thanks to The Buzzcocks Danny Farrants producing. The usual issue with bands that are duos is that recordings can feel empty with a lot of over-blown guitar to fill out the mid-range, but thankfully this whole album is dynamic enough to feel full, even when there are just vocals and drums. 

The song writing is very hook-heavy, which plays to the bands strength to get your feet moving. However, this does make it a little bit difficult to tell the songs apart. While the high-energy rock n’ roll never becomes tedious, the album does tread familiar water throughout. 

Nevertheless, Girls Girls Girls is a party-anthem dinger that will get feet moving and keep the drinks flowing.

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