Night 1 of Burger A-Go-Go feat The Coathangers Live at the Rickshaw

Thursday 01st, March 2018 / 14:57
By Mat Wilkins

Photo by Rachael Buckoski

Rickshaw Theatre
February 22nd, 2018

VANCOUVER – California-based label Burger Records travelled up and down the West Coast this month for their Burger A-Go-Go tour, with LA noise pop headliners The Coathangers in tow. What resulted: an unforgettable injection of LA punk that filled the Rickshaw to the brim with a dark, electrifying energy last Thursday. You should feel sorry if you missed it, but at least you’re reading this.

Photo by Rachael Buckoski

The Coathangers climbed on stage that night to a considerably warmed up audience, following heart-pounding performances by Death Valley Girls, the Flytraps, and Feels. Their show was powerful and charismatic —despite singer Julia Kugel’s mid-set admittance of just how stoned they all were. The Coathanger possessed that special kind of energy that select bands have, evident through their music (of course), and their chemistry and interactions with the audience. Drummer Stephanie Luke was even able to sneak in a hug with a stage technician in the middle of a song after he fixed her mic stand.

Photo by Rachael Buckoski

Dressed in matching white jumpsuits (decorated with black spray paint), the band performed against a frenetic, lavalamp-esque projection, shouting and laughing and playing and joking with one another well into the night.

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