LANA DEL REY keeps Instagram cats on their toes

Saturday 03rd, March 2018 / 10:54
By Randee Neumeyer

Lana Del Rey is the best thing that’s ever happened to me but this is a completely unbiased review. I’m still mad at her for cutting her hair so I won’t be doing her any favours. Del Rey is an intriguing musician. She doesn’t bring to mind the same fame or influence as say Lady Gaga or Jewel, but she did sell out arenas across the United States for the first leg of her LA to the Moon tour, and she helped me get over my fear of wearing flower crowns.

Her social media presence is unique. Most artists receive their share of mean comments on social media, Del Rey seems to be untouchable. Recently she was sued by Radiohead over her song Get Free having a similar sound to the band’s song Creep. But the comments mostly sided with Del Rey. Some users even said they recognised the similarity but were still on her side. On Instagram they leave heart emojis and supportive comments, telling her to come to their cities. One user who was not me wrote, “Come to Vancouver, I really need you right now.” It got twenty likes it so it’s a incredibly important comment.

I have been following Del Rey’s tour via her Instagram. She posts videos almost every night. Her tour is much like herself, quirky but glamorous. It brings to mind the girls in high school who excelled at art class but skipped gym class to yell Born to be Wild out of their car windows. The stage is decorated in palm trees, rocks, and tall grass. The image of waves crashing on a sunny beach play on the screen behind her while she croons. The vibe is cool and playful. Each show Del Rey wears the same outfit throughout, short skirts and tall boots reign supreme. She performs almost the same set list every night with a few exclusions. I have compiled a list of the highlights:

At the beginning of the tour in Minnesota Del Rey wore a white dress which she had no problem getting dirty when she sang Pretty When You Cry lying on the stage floor. She lies on the floor throughout the tour during songs, complete with back-up dancers moving beside her.


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The crowd always goes crazy for Black Beauty. This song has never been one of my favourites on the Ultraviolence album. When I hear Black Beauty I’m usually like, Hey! Change it to Old Money or Brooklyn Baby. But I’m usually alone in my apartment talking to myself so maybe the crowds onto something.

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During this show Del Rey wore a sparkling gold dress and sang Get Free. I can’t deny that it does sound a little like Creep. But I forgive her. To err is human, to forgive is divine. A Pope said that.


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This is truly the highlight of the show. Dey Rey swings on a swing covered in flowers and ribbon while she sings Video Games, the song that introduced her to the world. She begins singing, “Swinging in the backyard. Pull up in your fast car whistling my name.” I see what you did with swing and I love it. It’s like a pun come alive with sadness.


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There are multiple videos of Del Rey singing Yayo. She began her career playing small bars with just a guitar. This is the one song she plays guitar and she seems to be proud that she can play a guitar. She should be proud. I never learned because I sold my guitar for $30 at a yard sale so I could go to Las Vegas.


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Sparkling in Detroit 💫 Back in my old hood today

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I had been following her tour on Instagram for a while thinking, when is she going to sing Ride, which is one of her singles off of the Paradise album, and then she did. This is a song that makes me emotional, mostly because I identify with the music video. I too have been out in the desert with a bunch of bikers holding up an American Flag.


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She likes to sit on the stage between two large rocks to sing Honeymoon, the main single of her previous album of the same title. This is honestly the perfect staging to sing Honeymoon, as we all know the perfect place to sing “We both know it’s not fashionable to love me” is between two giant rocks while crying.

Had so much fun in Ohio!

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Before Del Rey went to Florida she posted several videos from different nights of her singing Cherry. I consider Cherry her best song on the Lust for Life album but that’s probably because I get to sing, “All my peaches are ruined, bitch.”

Charlotte tonight! Sunrise and Orlando, Florida- you’re next on FEB 1st and 2nd

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Del Rey appeared to enjoy Florida the most. Probably because she used to lived there and that’s also where she came up with her name. Though her love for Florida makes me question my taste in music.

Florida was the first place she sang Salvatore. Salvatore isn’t one of the her more known songs, if it were a movie it’d be a cult classic. I do love it, because it’s about picking ice cream over a man, which I have done.


In Texas Del Rey’s song Serial Killer was met with giant screams from the audience. They either love that song or screamed because their state is full of serial killers.

In Phoenix she laid on a piano stomach first, with her legs in the air. This is the ultimate cool girl pose. Any woman I see do this I’m like, wow she’s so cool. She coupled this pose with the song White Mustang.

Thank you so much Phoenix 🙏

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Overall the tour has been what all Del Rey fans desire: seeing Lana Del Rey in all her glory and winged eyeliner. She sings beautifully throughout the tour, never half-assing a night. Del Rey attracts a crowd because she writes beautiful sad lyrics that audiences can identify with, especially when they’re drunk on a patio. She doesn’t need dance numbers or floating stages to please her fans. This is an A+ tour.
If you hate Lana Del Rey you probably hate yourself and need therapy. Please get help.

You can check out Lana Del Rey’s LA to the Moon tour on Instagram @lanadelrey.


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