La Vida Local: Blood Maachine – Goodbye Old Friends

Monday 05th, March 2018 / 08:15
By Frankie Ryott

Blood Maachine
Goodbye Old Friends

After occupying most of his time since 2015 as the owner of The Heatley, Michael Brennan has returned to the music scene with a new EP, titled Goodbye Old Friends, under the moniker Blood Maachine.
Whether it’s the recurrent strumming on “The Devil You Know,” the trickling keys on “Lay Me Down,” or the ironically uplifting crescendos of the title track “Goodbye Old Friends,” this EP is a solid representation of Brennan’s ability to cohesively combine his unique, raspy vocals with grungy alternative rock. Goodbye Old Friends explores the alternating shifts of life whilst displaying an impressive collection of musically diverse tracks, a powerful re-entrance into the musical world for such a passionate supporter of the East Van music community.