La Vida Local: WTCHDR – Failed Ambition

Monday 05th, March 2018 / 08:10
By Daniel Robichaud

Failed Ambition

On Failed Ambition, vocalist Chris Stiles grabs you by the shoulders and yells in your face, unhinged, shattering the stoned mood set by the initial riff on the album’s first track, “The Glass Has Never Been So Empty” – “Something needs to change!” What that something is, exactly, is never determined. Failed Ambition is the sound of desperate, urgent life questions that have gone unanswered. WTCHDR’s latest offering is driven by dissatisfaction with this lack of answers and coming face-to-face with a bleak present and uncertain future. The band has succeeded in distilling crushing personal failure and seething hopelessness into a brutal, dizzying tonic of hardcore that breaks only to make sure you’re still breathing so it can keep kicking your ass.