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Calpurnia Ride The New New Indie Wave With Sensibility

Calpurnia Ride The New New Indie Wave With Sensibility

by Adam Deane Chances are, if you attended post-secondary on this continent, this Vancouver 4-piece’s moniker will ring a tiny…


Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now 

Thursday 08th, March 2018 / 09:00


By Jamie McNamara

Paradise Of Bachelors/You’ve Changed Records 

Haligonian quartet Nap Eyes are what you would get if you put Blue Rodeo, the Velvet Underground and a handful of university professors in a studio together to write songs. Led by Nigel Chapman, the Nova Scotian band has made a name for themselves by releasing two stellar albums of Maritime slacker rock chock full of twangy Canadiana. I’m Bad Now, their third full-length (and final album in an informal trilogy), expands on their previous releases while sounding more clear-headed and full of purpose. 

Like on much of the album, early highlight “I’m Bad” is a Wilco-esque, alt-country dirge that finds Chapman seemingly singing in second-person, examining inward while floating above. The song features guitarist Brad Lougheed’s most feedback-laden solo as a hard-earned climax. 

Elsewhere, “Follow Me Down” sounds like a Rankin Family waltz with a whole lot more weed smoke overtop. It also features some of Chapman’s finest lyrics as he sing-speaks, “I went out walking with my headphones on/Classical Indian raga twenty minutes long/Then I listened to old American folk song/A little bit shorter, still a lot going on.” 

Here, and for just about all the album, Chapman writes whip smart lyrics that are impenetrable to a fault. Still, with a little investigation, these songs reveal themselves in time. It’s a testament to the band that even if they didn’t, Chapman’s still managed to churn out hooks like, “I can’t tell what’s worse, the meaninglessness or the negative meaning/I figured out a way to get on with my life and to keep on dreaming” as he does on the lead single “Everytime The Feeling.”

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