Scenic Route to Alaska – Tough Luck 

Friday 09th, March 2018 / 08:00
By Mackenzie Mason

popTrip Records   

Since dropping their successful third album, 2016’s Long Walk Home, Scenic Route to Alaska has grown in popularity and accolades in their hometown of Edmonton and across the world. The trio set up shop in Vancouver to work with the notable Howard Redekopp (Tegan & Sara, The New Pornographers) on their fourth record, Tough Luck, just as they did with Long Walk Home. 

Although their indie-folk rock sound didn’t evolve much between Tough Luck and their prior LPs, listeners remain unbothered because, well, why change something that doesn’t need to be fixed? What did shift, however, were the lyrics.  

Long Walk Home touches on the difficult parts of love and how life can get complicated, through catchy vocals and indelible melodies. Tough Luck on the other hand, has a lot more depth to it. “Lonely Nights” and lead single “Slow Down” tackles life on the road and the self-inflicted loneliness and short-lived relationships that come along with jumping from city to city. Despite the fact that the topics can seem bleak or desolate, there is a sense of hope and prosperity in Trevor Mann’s (lead singer) voice in every single song. Tough Luck goes from ballads to resonant anthems leaving something for everyone to cling to, reeling you in again and again.

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