Son Lux Is A Happy Accident

Friday 09th, March 2018 / 07:00
By Sepehr Rashidi

VANCOUVER – The way Son Lux’s Ryan Lott talks over the phone is much like his music: brainy without being pretentious, and peppered with super dense and memorable one-liners. In speaking with BeatRoute, the LA-based composer and singer opened up about his project, now a trio with drummer Ian Chang and guitarist Rafiq Bhatia. Currently well into a world tour supporting their fifth studio album, Brighter Wounds, Son Lux began as a happy accident.

“I started creating little sound worlds between compositions and had this desire to see if I could create pop music from these song worlds,” Lott laughs. “Before I knew it I was halfway through a record I didn’t intend to make.”

The project burst into international ears with the song “Easy,” later sampled by Halsey and G-Eazy. The success of this opened up international markets for touring and made them even more inspired to create.

“We are excited about moving to unknown places,” Lott exclaims. “There’s no place on the horizon we’re aiming for… Imagine a lottery scratch map… we’re scratching off bit-by-bit of it ’til we’re happy and surprised with it. It’s hard to distill the sound into a quaint phrase… ultimately, now we are making pop music. We’re doing it with minds that are open to all sounds and all music. The goal ultimately is to make music that is human and soulful, finding spaces that are mysterious and exciting for us.”

With isolation still playing a big role, Lott isn’t sure if the creative process for Son Lux has changed since it became a trio, but his approach to song-writing has been more autobiographical on Brighter Wounds than ever before.

“The way I hear them, at least, is pretty directly connected to my own experiences,” Lott admits. “In the past, I’ve aimed for an intersection for universal sentiments, [but it’s] still important that it still feels like an open book. I don’t think of myself as a story teller. I like the idea of catalyzing memories or creating prompts. I don’t ever tell stories.”

Although they already have some finished music they’re looking forward to releasing soon, as far as next steps for Son Lux, the future may hold a small break for the project.

“We’re gonna spend a good amount of time touring this record, going on and off the road. Ian has his own EP out called Spiritual Leader, and his solo project has been taking him out in the road and studio. Rafiq announced his record is coming out in April on ANTI-, that project will take him on the road as well. I have my own pursuits as well. I’m going to be working on ballet and different commissions.”

Son Lux plays the Fox Cabaret on March 14th